Monday, October 17, 2005

Promising New Blog

A post by Maoman over at Formosa led to this blog that looks very promising...Doubting to Shou? Here's part of a post:

In Taibei there are quite a few schools of this type. There are also a few in Taoyuan; I don't know of any in the south, though. Almost all of these schools are about the same. The first one was Mòdàwèi 莫大衛, started in the heart of Taibei, near Sogo, about 20 years ago by an Australian guy named David. He paid well, and was able to attract foreigners who could speak Chinese, could control a large class, would work hard, and would stay for a long time. As a result of having good teachers who stay from day one until graduation day 3 and a half years later, the students learned well. Studying at Mòdàwèi for one year was nearly as good as putting in three at a big chain school. Amazingly, with no marketing, Mòdàwèi grew into a large branch through word of mouth alone. However, David wasn't interested in letting other teachers open franchises or other branches. One of the best and brightest of his teachers, a guy named Tom, eventually got tired of making a fortune for somebody else. So, Tom opened his own school, called Tomcat (湯姆貓), across the street. Nearly all of his students came with him. Naturally, being a bilingual foreigner with a great deal of teaching experience, and 200 loyal students, it wasn't too hard to make a success of it. In fact, Tom later let one of his best teachers, Rich, open a branch. Around the same time, an American guy named James, a VERY good example of a black man who has made it as a teacher in Taiwan, was opening another Mòdàwèi clone called Cortland (科特蘭). As of now there are 8 Cortland branches and over a dozen Tomcat franchises. In addition, there have been at least 4 other schools started by former Mòdàwèi employees since Cortland that I know of. Mòdàwèi hasn't grown much, but it's still around. More importantly the HFRB (Hard-core Foreign Run Bǔxíbān) style of teaching is here to stay.


Mark said...

Hi there. This is Mark. Thanks for calling my blog promising! I just noticed your blog due to the fact that suddenly it's the #1 result on a Yahoo! search of the word "Modawei".

Where's Maoman's post about me? I'm still pretty new to blogging, so I'm not too sure where everyone is.

Also, there's one other thing I'm curious about. Are there any Modawei style schools in Taizhong? My old buddy Nathan, who works at Modawei, was always trying to get them to expand to Taizhong. Taizhong's got Chinese schools, and thus a population of foreign teachers who know enough Chinese to teach in that system.


P.S. My blog's called "Doubting to shuo", not "Doubting to shou".

Michael Turton said...

I'll get the name changed ASAP. Been out!

Maoman's post was in the forums at

Yer stuff looks great! Actually, complimenting you was just my way of putting pressure on you. Hehehehehe....