Thursday, October 13, 2005

China Warns Canada

China is worried that mighty Canada might weigh in on the side of the good guys:

There would be very serious consequences if Parliament passes a private member's bill on trade with Taiwan, says China's ambassador to Canada.

Lu Shumin warned Wednesday that such a move could destroy the foundations of Canada's diplomatic ties with China. Bill C-357, introduced by B.C. Conservative MP Jim Abbott, calls on Canada to establish formal trade and cultural ties with Taiwan.


Chris said...

If we stood up to the States, surely we can do the same against China.

Red A said...

Standing up to the states is so easy. There is little penalty to doing it.

Look at how France and Germany act in relation to China despite their supposedly high regard for human rights and 'nuanced' foreign policies.

They're the first to want to sell weapons. They're the first to oppose to abstain from Taiwan's WHO membership. France refused Chen a visa to pick up a human rights award. (I mean, COME ON.)

It's all about Airbus.

Michael Turton said...

I agree with Red. Europe is hopeless -- but then really, what could we do for them. The problem is, Red, that as long as we're busy torturing and murdering in Iraq, we don't exactly have the high moral ground, do we?