Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hey Robert Ross, How's that fading independence movement treating ya?

It's Laiji, one of my favorite places in Taiwan.

Hey, Taiwan history buffs, today (Apr 17) is the anniversary of what important document in Taiwan history?

Several years ago I put a note in Google Calendar to remind myself that this month is the 10th anniversary of one of most vapidly pro-KMT, endlessly clueless articles ever published on Taiwan, Robert Ross' immortal Taiwan's Fading Independence Movement. It was published in Foreign Affairs, which would publish a hamster writing on international relations in Urdu, provided it was sufficiently anti-Taiwan. Reflect for a moment on the fearsome ignorance of its first two sentences.
Political developments in Taiwan over the past year have effectively ended the independence movement there. What had been a major source of regional instability -- and the most likely source of a great-power war anywhere in the world -- has become increasingly irrelevant.
My old post on it is still as relevant as ever. I just thought I'd post on this as I contemplate a populace which, in the under-45 demographic, is post-independence: it has already embraced independence and has moved on to other things.

So Robert Ross, how is that fading independence movement treating ya?

Yeah, I thought so.

Meanwhile, it is scary to realize this blog is old enough to refer to stuff posted on it more than a decade ago. I need to get a life...
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willy doit said...

nope, keep up the good work, I look forward to reading this blog every morning.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love the look back at history, especially in our short-attention-span-scold-lol-cry-of-the-moment culture.

Nothing wrong with thinking through ideas, sharing, and refining them in a publicly accessible way. On the flip side, I've read your blog religiously for nearly 10 years too :) Keep at it, because it's great.

Michael Turton said...

Thanks, Anon!

Cary said...

Don't ever scold yourself for doing this blog. It's a great example of its kind. Solid point of view, relevant topical (and blast from the past) postings, sense of humor, and a sense of place. You are irreplaceable for the terrific mix of politics, history, local culture, love of nature and travel, and just all around 'hey that's interesting' writing. I take a look everyday, and impatiently check for new posts when you take your well deserved breaks. I'm sure there are a lot of people like me that think you're one of the best things going.

So, thanks, and keep it up as long as you keep getting something out of it!

Michael Turton said...

Thanks, guys.