Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Well Well

The Yilan plain, now under local administration

Long time waiting for that election. And very happy to see it. The easy part was beating the imploding KMT, which, like a star becoming a black hole, will continue to exert a powerful negative gravity on local space. The hard part is coming up -- decolonizing Taiwan, governing our fractious nation, reforming the government reshaping it into an actual government and not the candy coating over a one-party state, keeping the DPP from falling apart, fending off the coming challenges of the minor parties, which have to differentiate themselves from the DPP or be seen as its errand boys, and preparing the ground for 2020.

I've been deeply concerned about some events in my private life, and so I have not been blogging. But I'll be catching up over the next couple of days.

Ting, I owe you one. Tomorrow for sure.
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Anonymous said...

Hope everything's OK my Internet friend.

Anonymous said...

same here

Cary said...

We've been worried about you. Hope all turns out fine. Continue enlightening us when you can.

Unknown said...

Been awaiting your insights. Hope your troubles end soon.

green sleeeves said...

Send you good karma, in my thoughts.