Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sad News: Nat Bellocchi (1926-2014) passes

News from a friend:

We are saddened to let you know that former AIT Chairman Nat Bellocchi passed away in his sleep in Sunday morning, 16 November 2014. Below is a brief summary of his life, and we pray for his family and for his soul.

We will dearly miss him, as he was a strong supporter of freedom and democracy for Taiwan, and didn’t hesitate to speak out for Taiwan.

His two most recent commentaries were on President Obama’s trip to Beijing:
and on the protests in Hong Kong:
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A Taiwanese said...

We've lost a principled man.

Thank you, Mr. Bellocchi, for your support for our right to choose our future and our choice for democracy!

We will miss you.

an angry taiwanese said...

We will miss his voice.

Anonymous said...

This is very sad news. Nat Bellochi was a powerful voice for democracy and for Taiwan. He always made me proud to think of myself as the other Nat B.

Alex Honch said...

Although you are now resting in peace, Ambassador Bellocchi, your voice and words will continue to ring the bells of freedom and democracy for Taiwan far into the future. I pray for your soul sir.