Saturday, November 09, 2013

Desert Chang, ROC flag, Chinese...

Gorgeous cool, breezy, sunny day on the Taichung 95 and small farm roads in the hills above Hsinshe. 60 kms in total, but over 1300 meters of climbing. Brutal, but rewarding.

Lately a number of observers have been commenting on how the ROC flag has been hollowed out by Taiwanese identification and has now become a symbol, not of ROC-ness, but of Taiwanese-ness. There is hardly a better example of this than the Affair of the Flag involving alternative singer Desert Chang and Chinese in the audience at a concert she gave in the UK. WSJ reports:
According to Ms. Chang’s account of the clash, which she posted on her Facebook page, during the concert she held up the flag, which a Taiwanese student had presented to her. When she told the audience that the red, white and blue flag represented her home, she was immediately cut off by the audience, with one fan screaming “no politics today” and “we just want to have fun” in English.
The ROC represents not China to modern Taiwanese, but Taiwan, and home.
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