Thursday, September 13, 2012

Corvallis Story Makes It Big

China thuggery in Corvallis, Oregon over the Tibet and Taiwan mural (my post) goes global with news reports in major media (Corvallis own media report on global media). Even the Rep. for that district in Oregon got into it in Congress (video).

Kudos to everyone who made the effort to get this story out!!
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Anonymous said...

The news also made it into Chinese media. e.g.

Guess what? They left out all the details about the mural, made no mention of the part about Tibet monks and the 'friendly' economic advices by the diplomats; the media simply said that the mural promotes Taiwan independence and that's enough to get the clueless Chinese netizens into a frenzy, equating Taiwan with terrorist groups and Nazi, promising to do murals for Hawaiian and Alaskan independence, and vowing to do 'human meat search' for the people involved.

Anonymous said...

"promising to do murals for Hawaiian and Alaskan independence"

Oh well, I really hope they will do exactly that, and lets see how Alaska and Hawaii respond to that, why they assume that what makes them mad must make others mad as well?

My second thought would be, do Chinese really want to deal with independent Alaska with Sarah Palin as president...ha...scary stuff :)

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer they do a mural for an independent Texas (note: I don't live there...)

Readin said...

Let them do independence murals for all 50 states as well as for Guam and Puerto Rico. The people of those states and territories can do their own murals as well.

Unlike China, Americans have nothing to fear from free expression because we already have it. If American control of California would be criticized by people with free expression then it already has been criticized by people with free expression.

Chinese fear free speech and free expression about Taiwan and Tibet because they know their policies on Taiwan and Tibet are morally indefensible.