Monday, November 07, 2011

Daily Links, Nov 7, 2011

Ran a fever this weekend, couldn't get out to do anything. What's out there today?

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Anonymous said...

Michael, the reason for the slow transfer of arms from the U.S. to Taiwan is down to one depressing fact: The ROC government has not paid for any of the weapons nor does it have any intention of doing so.

Michael Turton said...

Yep, that's what I am fearing.

Stefan said...

That's pretty good news regarding the energy policy. One way to affect change is to get elected and implement it - another is to convince your opponents that your approach is right and have them implement it. (Or to convince them that this is what the voters desire, at least.)

Tsai should celebrate that as a political victory.

Anonymous said...

If Tsai gets elected expect complete opposition from the KMT owned legislature.

Anonymous said...

To say that the ROC government has not paid for any of the weapons cannot be true. I certainly wish you can stand out from under the anonymous skirt when saying that. I think if you talk with the arms manufacturer and you should know exactly what is involved with international arms purchases.


Anonymous said...

The gradual phase out of older nuclear facilities were planned ever since the 4th one was planned. There is a natural procedure of phasing out old facilities, and only under special circumstances are they subject to extended use. This is standard Government practices, and really has nothing to do with what is said during the election promotions. Phase out of equipment is also standard practice is also common in any commercial entity and also applies to accounting practices.

Anyone whom has worked in larger companies for over 5 years should know about this. Pretty common sense.