Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Minshih English Videos on Taiwan starring Michella!

Michella Jade Weng, the multiply talented anchor for FTV, is doing a series in English on places in Taiwan. I think this one on Visiting Tainan's historical Sites is the first one. Might be useful for language class or introducing Taiwan to people who don't know it.

This one is on the Penghu.

And here is her search for tea eggs while biking around Sun Moon Lake.
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Taiwan Echo said...

The first video uses an Irish tune as the start up music ... interesting, but weird.

Michael Turton said...

She spells it WENG

Anonymous said...

she spells in wong on FTV, look again

Anonymous said...

and the FTV firm is spelled Min-su TV, not Minshih. are you a chicom or what?

Minsu TV, ask anyone who works there

Michael Turton said...

Here's her blog. Can you stop now?