Friday, August 05, 2011

Hanging with the Son in Taipei

Went up to Taipei with my son Sebastian to attend the Dems Abroad meeting on Thursday night. We also visited some of the exhibits and museums in Taipei. Took this in 2-28 Peace Park.

Doing Tai Chi in 2-28 Peace Park.

Tz Chi's Da Ai network was filming a TV show.

Now the actors utter their lines.

Injured? Sick? Escapee from a cage? It let everyone approach it quite closely.

The Land Bank, across from the 2-28 Peace Park, has two exhibits. The dinosaur exhibit is ho-hum Big Bone stuff. But inside the Bank in the old vault is a small exhibit of artifacts and documents relating to banking and finance under the Japanese, which was quite interesting (the two story vault is also very atmospheric). The exhibits cost only $20 NT to enter, well worth it. We also visited the Egyptian exhibition at Dead Dictator Memorial Hall. The presentation and artifacts were amazing but it was absolutely packed. $250.
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Readin said...

"Dead Dictator Memorial Hall"

I sometimes call it "Murdering Thug Memorial Hall"

It would be nice if an alternative name that accurately described the place could gain traction amoung the expat and/or English speaking community. As one of the most (the most?) populate EL blog about Taiwan, perhaps you could host an informal context and let people submit suggestions and those of us who read the site could try to use the term consistently from then on.

We need something that is accurate, easy to remember, easy to say - that something that is catchy enough to catch on.

Michael Turton said...

It would have to be pithier than CKS memorial hall.....

Anonymous said...

No, Dead Dictator Temple, both in form and in (Chinese) name.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How about The Phallic Representation of Political Impotence Imagined In The Economic Realities of the 1970's: An Expression of Postmodernist Architecture and Moulded Concrete aka Deep Dicking The Dictator on the Cheap. Too long?

Patrick Cowsill said...

We went during a week day and there was almost nobody at the Egyptian exhibit at Dead Dictator Hall:

(BTW, the sign outside the Chiang Kai-shek exhibit asks that people "maintain a respectful attitude" while visiting.)

Where is the Bank Museum? Is it across from 2-28?

Marc said...

Two goodlooking and above-average gents - Zeb and his Pa

Marc said...

Did anyone see the Mao and Chiang handpuppets in the CKS-Mem souvenir shop? So cute!


Although, I did buy a ROC centenary scarf - but at the Tienmu flea market for 100 bucks

Michael Turton said...

yes, the Land Bank Museum is right across from the 2-28 peace park. Directly north of the two locomotives.

Anonymous said...


I have not seen those. But I have seen the Ma Ying-jiu sock puppet on the other end of Ketagalon Blvd.

Marc said...

"the sign outside the Chiang Kai-shek exhibit asks that people "maintain a respectful attitude" while visiting."

Yes, keep your insults to a mutter.


Readin said...

Peanut Palace?