Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Japanese Chemical Warfare Testing in Taiwan

A few weeks ago, as I related in my post on history touring in Pingtung, I stumbled across the remains of the Japanese era Kato airfield in Pingtung on Rte 115-1. The only thing remaining is the  observation tower in the picture at left. Researching Kato on the net, I found this ugly historical fact in this US postwar report on Japanese chemical weapons development:
c. Formosa tests (conducted by the Sixth Military Laboratory with the Narashino Army School)

Tropical tests were first carried out near Kato Airfield, Formosa, in about 1930, and again in the summer of 1941. Included were tests on mustard shell, bombs, and spray, phosgene shell, tear gas spray, and self projecting toxic smoke candles.

Colonel Saiki, of the Sixth Military Laboratory, described one unsuccessful mustard gas spray test (see ATIG 127), but no significant results were included.
Phosgene papayas, anyone?
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Nevets said...

Has there ever been any evidence of the popular story that the Japanese released poisonous snakes from WWII experiments in Taiwan?