Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Found in Gmail

This is not a joke or fraud. I actually saw this in the Google ads above my Gmail today. A Chinese hacker peeved at Japanese influence in Taiwan? A Taiwan independence enthusiast creating cultural difference? A Google ad rep who has never looked at a map of Asia? You make the call.
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OzSoapbox said...

Lol, so long as it doesn't breach google's adwords policy, there's nothing stopping you from creating an ad like that I don't think.

Of course the Taiwan gov might complain it's too similar to their campaign which will probably have it removed from the network though.

Marc said...

What did you see when you followed the link?

Mark said...

Oooh. There's nothing more sensitive than Taiwan :)

It could be worse though, it could have read as "Visit To learn about China"

Anonymous said...

I love lazy web designers who just copy and paste. Good job fellas!

jerome in vals said...

I visited the "My Egov" site in reference out of curiosity, for the first time since May 2008.

For tidbits about Japanese Taiwan on that site, type "colonial" or "occupation" in the search box. It'll get you there faster than "Japanese".

Although that will not prevent your search based on “Japanese” to succeed, they have studiously avoided listing “Japanese” as key word of their articles.

It rekindles one of my pet peeves about Taiwan.

This territory used to be part and parcel of the empire that nurtured its development.

For the last half century, the Taiwanese economy benefited from historical, cultural and interpersonal links between the two areas.

Many Taiwanese speak Japanese and quietly hanker for Japan.

But those dorks put out 5 or 6 language versions of their site, including Russian. And no Japanese version available?!

This lack of Japanese language information at gov. level is unconscionable.

With 300.000 Japanese tourists/yearly...?!! What are those baka yaros thinking?!

Sean said...

Wow you leave your Gmail Webclips on? I just turn that off in the settings.

Sarah said...

hehehe.... someone's stuck in the early 20th century!

by the way, quite a few senior citizens in Taiwan who are part of the aboriginal nations still speak Japanese better than Mandarin.

and they used to use modified katakana to write Taiwanese native languages (Google "Taiwan kana" or "Taiwanese kana").