Monday, October 25, 2010

Daily Links, October 25, 2010

The Yankees lose: a nation unites. Meanwhile, life going by too fast to see clearly? That's why we have weekly links today....


Chinglish: For pete's sake, can we get "to learn" corrected to the proper "Learn". Don't they have native speakers who check this stuff!? Also, enjoy the interplay of Taiwan and China in that little ad.
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Ashish said...

I didn't get the fist link. What was that about?

Readin said...

"•Video of Japan Film Festival Incident of Beijing Bluster. Who is the actress in black?"

With apologies to canines everywhere, who was the bitch telling the gentleman her opinion of who he is?

Tortue said...

Just spotted a tweet about the actress in black:


her name seems to be 居文沛 then,

jerome in vals said...

Watched the Tokyo film festival clip. Wenpei Ju, eh? A quick search confirms that her renown has not reached us, barbarians.

Although I was keen on leaning more about the lithe Janine Chang (Chinese:張 鈞甯; Wade–Giles: Chang Chun-ning; Japanese:チャン・チュンニン), the one Taiwanese team member exiting the premises last, it was Vivian Hsu (Chinese: 徐若瑄; pinyin: Xú Ruòxuān; Wade–Giles: Hsu Jo-hsüan; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Chhî Jio̍k-soan; Japanese: ビビアン・スー Bibian Sū) that attracted media attention. Her outfit is valued at 2 millions Japanese Yen and she was bitter about being deprived of her green carpet walk.

A little snippet about her I’d love to pass on:

Ms. Hsu let it known in Japan that she was introduced to the Japanese language through her grandmother, an Atayal and Japanese speaker who spoke mandarin poorly.

That corroborates my experience of young aborigines who I overheard speaking Japanese at Shida in the late seventies, approximately when she was born.

Asked how they had learnt it, they answered, at home from their parents. Asked why they spoke it freely in this holy cradle of mandarin colonization policies, they answered, first because they were from different tribes, second because there were conversations safer kept out of reach of student spies’ ears.

They were born post 1952 and Japanese was still going strong throughout the 1970s, right in earshot of the occupier. What would the Honorable Kao Chin (La Coquine) make of it? I wonder.

Please, note that today is the anniversary of the 65 year-long occupation which the conqueror of Japan is maintaining the island under, through its undeserving vassal and proxy’s misadministration of bona-fide Japanese Taiwan.

「我們的中華民國到去年終就隨大陸淪陷而已滅亡了,我們今天都已成了亡國之民」(蔣介石1950.3.13 演講詞)。

Exiled ? Might the Generalissimo have succumbed to a spell of despair? Or might have he known what George Ye, foreign minister of an erstwhile ROC tried to convey two years later to a dumbfounded LY?

We control it, alright. But we do not have it. Even if Japan so wished, she could not hand it over to us (since she already denied herself jurisdiction over it).

From now on, I am going to bark in unison with that pack of dachungs. 你是我人嗎? 你, 到底, 是不是我人嗎? Taiwan’s MINE.

Dixteel said...

Right now Ma is trying to say that this sh*t in Japan Film Festival is an single incident, an action by individual Chinese. I don't buy that. I even suspect that CCP and KMT is "acting" here to give Ma a boost in the up coming election (some politically brainless people will trun their digust toward Chinese surpression and arrogance into votes for KMT after Ma "condamn" this "individual" actions...go figure)

Similar things happen all the time around the world and in Taiwan, which Ma allowed. If it is allowed in Taiwan, why not in Japan? This is no single incident.

Instead of trying to figure out who that bitch was, let's focus on the root problem: Ma, KMT, CCP and why many of those actors and actresses like to kiss Chinese asses so hard.

Anonymous said...

Well hopefully that trip to India isn't just a junket, which is what it usually is.

Anonymous said...

The Japanese host didn't take care of their Taiwanese guests and failed to stop the uninvited Chinese delegation from spoiling the event.

Was it pre-planned by Japan to bait the arrogant but dumb-witted Maoist's to show their ugly face ?

In any case it was a very effective ploy!