Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shih Ming-te lashes out

The Taipei Times reports that Shih Ming-te, the former DPP Chairman and democracy activist who switched sides and went to work for the KMT a decade ago has again accused prominent DPP politicians of being KMT spies.
Shih said he “reasonably suspects” that more than one of the attorneys who defended the political prisoners in court was a KMT spy.

“I’ve said earlier that Hsieh was a KMT spy, and now I suspect that Chen, Su and Chang were also undercover KMT agents because the DPP did not make public all the state files about the incident, and could not provide me with information about the incident when I asked for it,” Shih said.

Shih said he was convinced spies were involved, not only because several former intelligence officers had said so, but also because Hsieh did not seem very eager to defend his name.

“If you [Hsieh] were a mercenary working for a foreign regime in its repression of the opposition at the time, then you are a traitor to Taiwan,” Shih said.

“I’ve said it openly before and it’s a very serious accusation against you, Mr Frank Hsieh, so you should have filed a [slander] lawsuit [against me],” he said.
Shih has arrested as one of the Kaohsiung 8, prominent activists who put together a mass demonstration on Human Rights Day in Kaohsiung in 1979. They were defended by Frank Hsieh, Chen Shui-bian, and Su Tseng-chang, among others, all DPP heavyweights. It was Shih who led the KMT demonstrations in Taipei against President Chen Shui-bian a few years ago. He has just published a book and appears to be drumming up publicity for it.
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Beijing2008 said...

This is bizarre. I can't even tell if he's trying to bash the KMT or the DPP by accusing the DPP of being KMT spies. It's a bit obtuse.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone in Taiwan give credence to this person? Honestly, can he even be taken seriously?

Dixteel said...

I think actually Shih is the spy.

Tim Maddog said...

Michael, you quoted:
- - -
Shih said he “reasonably suspects” that more than one of the attorneys who defended the political prisoners in court was a KMT spy.
- - -

He has the evidence, all right. He just can't show it to you ('cuz it exists only in his imagination).

Tim Maddog

Anonymous said...

Dixteel said: I think actually Shih is the spy.

It's known that Shih is allegedly on the PRC payroll.

Jade said...

It's lamentable, that a once Taiwan hero now becomes such an unimportant figure that he needs to drum up his voice with statements like that.