Monday, November 16, 2009

Scam of the Century

My friend alerted me to this clever, well-satisfied scammer. How come I never think of scams like this?
Allegedly, Hsu posted photos online of a young model and used that image to contact the women. Going under the name Angor, he introduced himself as a 30-year-old son of a Taiwanese father and French mother who was on business in the US, but was looking to marry a Taiwanese

However, according to reports, Angor would not consider marrying a woman unless she was prepared to have sex with his father - Hsu, in real life. The request was explained by the fact that Angor's father had terminal prostate cancer and only six months to live. Only constant sex would keep him alive, Angor told the women.

Some 100 women, aged between 28 and 50, were drawn in by the scheme. Of those, about 20 went on to have sex with Hsu. Others sent money to help with Angor's mother's breast cancer surgery.

One married woman, identified as Mrs Yu, gave Hsu 180 million Taiwanese dollars (5.4 million US dollars) to buy stocks, a house, a car and a diamond watch, and gave him 100,000 Taiwanese dollars (3,000 US dollars) monthly living expense, in the hope that Angor would marry her.
$5.4 million US!!!!

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Ben Goren said...


This is the kicker though:

Some 100 women, aged between 28 and 50, were drawn in by the scheme. Of those, about 20 went on to have sex with Hsu.

EVA explained this one to me but i simply couldn't believe it until I read it on your blog.

So 20 women actually fell for this but what amazes me is the amount of disposable savings there are in Taiwan - billions bilked each year ... who would have guessed Taiwanese had so much money ... and would be so willing to fork it out on scams ...

truly eye opening.

Anonymous said...

Stupidity and credulity have no limit...

Anonymous said...

Consider the source of this non story. DPA. the TAIPEI OFFICE OF THE dpa, deutsche press agency, which has the main job in Taipei is sending out weird and often fake news story just to tititlate readership outside Taiwan in Germany and Europe. To make Taiwan look as weird as possible. every dpa story is fake unprofessional reporting done by some KMT spy in Taipei office. ask anyone involved in the news biz there. THIS STORY above is 99 percent most like totally mis-reported and false, taken from the Chinese rag like APPLE DUMMY or United Daily Stupid news and redone in dpa Englsih for unsuspecting readers. I will be you sire that this story proves untrue in 3 days. It will be exposed. DPA cannot be trusted. it is the national enquirerer of Taiwan news service. It is news masking as humor. THiS storu above did NOT happen.

Anonymous said...

And to follow up on my expose yesterday, the dpa got the story from the China Post back page yesterday whcih in in itself was a transaltion from the China Times newspaper. This entire story did NOT happen. Someone needs to say that. I just did. Ben Goren, you been had. That was a fake story. Ask any Taiwanese reporter for the Apple Daily or any other gag rag. That did not happen. DPA was playing with your mind.