Friday, October 09, 2009

More on the Chen Detention Decision

AP has an interesting summary of the decision on detention in the Chen case by the Supremes....
Taiwan's Supreme Court ordered a lower court to hold a new hearing later Thursday on former President Chen Shui-bian's monthslong detention and questioned whether he was a flight risk.

The move comes two weeks after the High Court ordered Chen to remain in a suburban Taipei jail while he appeals his life sentence on wide-ranging graft charges.


The High Court's decision said that Chen was a flight risk and that he was still hiding significant assets overseas. But on Thursday, the Supreme Court questioned those arguments.

"The High Court has not made it clear what evidence they have to say Chen is still hiding money abroad," it said. "As a former president, Chen will also be protected and watched by National Security Bureau details when he is free, so he should not be able to flee the country."
The Supreme Court points out that the High Court has not "made it clear what evidence they have" that Chen has a case stash overseas. Pretty amazing statement. How long can this sudden burst of reason and logic last in such a case?
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MJ Klein said...

indefinitely. this is Taiwan, where logic and reason aren't required in a court case.

Anonymous said...

his eagerness to go to usa and testify in Lin's case doomed him.

hsutung said...

That is political persecution ,ma's government are following the order from Beijing

Anonymous said...

does anybody have the english translation of chen's 'lawsuit'
against obama?

it is now known that the 'true content' leds to his detention.