Thursday, May 21, 2009

Daily Links, May 21, 2009

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  • Letters from Taiwan notes that no one is happy. Note KMT party Chair Wu's comment that the party and government must be intimate.

  • Sure wish Taiwan Link would blog more often, like 5-6 times a day. Oh well: here is his latest on Chinese airlines employing Taiwanese pilots.

  • maddog says WHA rep Minister Yeh is a national disgrace and Huang Hai-ning is a national treasure. I can't comment any more on Huang Hai-ning, my wife already has me sleeping outside in the backyard with the sheepdog. The Foreigner also has a few sharp words for the Minister.

  • Jerome also looks at WHA.

  • Ma is dissembling, says A-gu. We're on the road to annexation.

  • Wild At Heart has images of the coal-fired plant in Taichung.

  • Cop who hit protesters was on cellphone?

  • Twenty percent, right off the top

  • Rank with another great Taipei ride

  • Pinyin Info on the simplified vs traditional character debate
  • MEDIA: Incredibly the US Homeland Security Dept (1) admitted it issued a Green Card to Taiwan Representative Jason Yuan by mistake and (2) apologized. When I think of the problems that my wife and I encountered, without acknowledgment or apology, from the INS, along with the horror stories my friends can recite by the bushel... clearly, I needed to be a well-connected foreigner rather than a US citizen, if I want my government to take action on my behalf. Global Views pegs Ma's approval rating at a scintillating 38.9%. Jon Adams with a great piece on boat burning against Swine Flu. Hong Kong activists want more autonomy from Beijing. Hilariously, after insisting that Taiwan must open now now now now to China or we are all gonna die die die die, the Premier says in an FT piece that Taiwan is "in no hurry" to open up to China investments. Wind turbine noise kills goats in the Penghu by keeping them awake. Japan economy shrinks 15.2%. Taipei Zoo launches Ring-a-Panda service: you can watch the Capitulationist Raccoons live on your videophone. But if the pandas aren't live, how will anyone know the difference? In response, I've decided to launch a new Ring-a-paint-drying service.... Ma save us! Taiwan's economy shrank 10.2% last quarter. Economists say economy appears to have bottomed out. China Mobile investment in FarEasTone nixed. Incredibly, WSJ can describe history without using the incorrect "split in 1949" formula. How can it do that? Isn't "split in 1949" the only possible way? Taiwanese mountaineers surmount Everest. Taipei City councilor says the city is turning a blind eye to traffic violations by foreigners. A fascinating article, especially when it says foreigners will be informed about traffic laws to reduce violations. Just foreigners? Taiwan foodstuff exports to China rise 21%. US Congressman calls for overhaul of Taiwan policy.

    EVENTS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS:Taiwan Journal will relaunch as an online publication on June is part of the notice they sent around:

    In keeping with the zeitgeist of the digital age, Taiwan Journal will cease publication from May 22 and relaunch online as Taiwan Today June 1.

    The TT’s vastly-expanded Web site will feature daily translations of breaking stories published in Taiwan’s top Chinese-language newspapers, as well as all the regular features that have made TJ a must-read for those seeking to keep abreast of events on the island
    SPECIAL: The fourth scholar's letter on the state of affairs here, published today in the Taipei Times.

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    Anonymous said...

    interesting that only media outlets in Taiwan carries this news of the green card error. eg. eTaiwan

    reeb said...

    Here's a link explaining what Krugman was blabbering about on his recent tour of Asia: (not a fan, but a good read)

    Krugman in China: Stimulating, Controversial, and Expensive

    English Teacher Guy said...

    remember what China Airlines (CAL) stands for : Cannot Always Land

    Taiwan Matters to America said...

    Thanks, Michael. I'll try to post more in the future.

    Most recent one addresses satellite radio, Taiwan, and the demise of XM Radio's international partner, Worldspace:

    Hope all is well!