Thursday, July 12, 2007

Daily Links, Thursday, July 12, 2007

What's housed on the blogs today?

  • Prince Roy summits Hsuehshan. Yes, PR, Taiwan has great material for a trekking industry. No, PR, we won't see one, because everyone knows that tourists come here to eat Pingtung Pig's Feet.

  • Sofa in the Sky is an English Geisha. Good stuff on this blog which I just found.

  • Ni Howdy blogs on Canadian expansionism in the North. I hear the majority of Canadians live within a 100 kilometers of the US border. This stealth massing on our borders must cease!

  • Becoming Taiwanese explores a temple in the mountains

  • Bent writes on the recent discussion of a noted Taiwan identity pioneer between Hsieh and Ma. Labor rights and economic equality would be part of the package in the late 1970s for the democracy movement as well, but somehow that message got lost after the DPP was formed. bent also has a great post disagreeing with me on keeping manufacturing in Taiwan. Hope the baby is healthy, man.

  • David rides and reviews the Makong gondola.

  • fili reports that Taiwan is now paradigmatic for brawling in the legislature.

  • Jerome Keating blogs on Ma Ying-jeou's many scandals.

  • Poagao has a great article on a rock festival on Fulong beach.

  • Scott blogs on social class in Taiwan, in a thoughtful piece that examines the relationship between foreign labour and the exam system.

  • MEDIA: Taiwan to develop biotech industrial zone in Taipei. Time has an article on how China is quietly using other nations to help suppress Taiwan, including the US State Department. The article repeats the increasingly common conventional wisdom that Ma and Hsieh are more "moderate" on the issue of cross-strait relations -- because Chen is a "hardliner". Not like the Chinese, who are not hardliners at all, despite refusing to talk to the DPP and pointing missiles at Taiwan. Maybe the CCP should hold referendums and deepen democracy. Then people would see them as hardline radicals like Chen Shui-bian and worry that they were causing tension. Or maybe Chen should build hundreds of missiles and point them at China and threaten to annex it. Then everyone would say what a statesman Chen is. [OK, I'll stop]. Meanwhile AP's Ralph Jennings has an article on betel nut. PC magazine on the faster, tinier processes coming out of Taiwan.


    Wulingren said...


    Thanks again for the great links. One thing, I believe it's Reuters' Ralph Jennings.

    Benjamin said...

    Thanks Michael. The baby is very healthy, the mom is battered but recovering nicely, and I'm a very proud father!