Saturday, November 26, 2005

Taiwan Business Groups Court US Congressmen

The Indianapolis Star is reporting that business groups from The Beautiful Isle have been paying some quid for a little pro quo:

Rep. Julia Carson, D-Ind., said she has long been concerned about the tension between China and Taiwan and went with an aide to Taiwan in 2001 on a $13,490 trip paid for by the Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce, which represents Taiwanese business interests.

The United States supports an eventual reunification of China and Taiwan but also has committed to helping Taiwan defend itself against military aggression.

"This is a part of the world where real diplomatic delicacy has long been called for," Carson said.
Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind., a member of the House International Relations Committee and one of Congress' strongest defenders of Taiwan, has accepted 13 trips there for himself or his aides during the past decade, costing $62,590.

During a 2003 trip paid for by the Chinese International Economic Cooperation Association, Burton stood next to Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian as Chen said he would go ahead with a referendum demanding that China remove missiles aimed at Taiwan.

My favorite line is:

Lawmakers said that accepting a trip from a special interest does not make them more likely to support that interest.

Sure. I believe that.

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