Thursday, November 24, 2005

New NYT Q&A on Taiwan issue from CFR

A Q&A on Taiwan-China issues from the New York Times came out a couple of days ago. It is OK but for two errors:

The United States officially recognizes only one China --including Taiwan --and urges a peaceful resolution to the Taiwan question. However, Washington is also bound by the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act to aid in Taiwan 's defense, including selling the island the weapons it needs to defend itself against China.

US policy is ambiguous with respect to whether Taiwan is part of China. Further, the Taiwan Relations Act DOES NOT bind the US to lift one finger in the event of China attacking Taiwan. All you have to do is read the damn thing (I discussed this point earlier in regard to Simon Tisdall's misguided piece in the Guardian earlier this year).


wayne said...

What part of the US's policy do you consider ambiguous with respect to whether Taiwan is part of China? The three communiques which form the basis of US/PRC relations are fairly unambiguous.

Michael Turton said...

Are they? the US has consistently "acknowledged" the Chinese position without adopting it. Ambiguity

Asia Times as a good old survey here: