Sunday, November 06, 2005

Chinese Spy Ring in US Caught, Compromises Key Defense Data

The Washington Times reports on the capture of a spy ring from China:

The Los Angeles spy ring has operated since 1990 and has funneled technology and military secrets to China in the form of documents and computer disks, officials close to the case said.

The ring was led by Chi Mak and his wife, Rebecca Laiwah Chiu, along with Mr. Chi's brother, Tai Wang Mak, and his wife, Fuk Heung Li, officials said.

Key compromises uncovered so far include sensitive data on Aegis battle management systems that are the core of U.S. Navy destroyers and cruisers.

China covertly obtained the Aegis technology and earlier this year deployed its first Aegis warship, code-named Magic Shield, intelligence officials have said.

The Chinese also obtained sensitive data on U.S. submarines, including classified details related to the new Virginia-class attack submarines.

Officials said based on a preliminary assessment, China now will be able to track U.S. submarines, a compromise that potentially could be devastating if the United States enters a conflict with China in defending Taiwan.


Hunter said...

I ran across some interesting extra details on the case at East Asia Watch.

Also, thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

An update you on the Chi Mak case:

Original charges against Chi Mak et al have been dropped. Government's demand to withhold bail has been denied. It seems the prosecution have lied on so many things, it's beginning to smell like another Wen Ho Lee or James Yee:

- no classified document; not about weapons at all
- data was not encripted or hidden in music file; It's zipped for size
- no such list from China asking for data
- map of Knolls Atomic Lab turned out to be a hotel map from an old visit
- wiretap showed Chi Mak had no interest in the broken down Mak ancestrial home in Hong Kong

With no charge to nail the sister in-law, prosecution have trumped up a "fake marriage" charge, insinuating she whored herself out. Shame on us America:,0,6387915.story