Friday, November 18, 2005

China's Military Modernizes as US withdraws

Two articles juxtaposed the declining US and rising China today. The Christian Science Monitor offered a view of China's "army within an army" that is aimed at Taiwan.

The specialty of this modern force, about 15 percent of the PLA, is to conduct lightning attacks on smaller foes, using an all-out missile attack designed to paralyze, and a modern sea and air attack coordinated by high-tech communications. In other words, this new modern force is designed to attack Taiwan.

Meanwhile the US downsizing in Asia, the inevitable result of the Iraq debacle, goes on, sold as the "leaner, meaner" US military:

In Japan and South Korea, two countries President Bush is visiting this week, a U.S. military presence that had remained relatively static for years is undergoing a huge change. In Washington's two primary Asian partners, troops are being pulled out by the thousands, and well-established bases shut for good.

The American position isn't weakening, say officials and analysts; the cutbacks will be counterbalanced by improved equipment, organization and cooperation.

"We have always been unique and we have always maintained the old-style structure and doctrine," said Col. Richard Parker, chief of force development and plans for the 8th U.S. Army, headquartered in the heart of Seoul, just 30 miles from North Korea.

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