Tuesday, November 01, 2005

China Blocks Taiwan From Another Int'l Body

China Corporate Responsibility Blog reports that China has once again blocked Taiwan from entering another international body.

Taiwan was denied membership in the South Pacific Tourism Organization (SPTO) following a speech by Chinese Ambassador Li Zhengjun urging SPTO members not to entertain Taiwan's application for membership.

The pettiness of this is remarkable....


David said...

The timing is impressive too: Shao Qiwei the Chinese minister for tourism is currently in Taiwan. I wonder whether there was any talk between him and his Taiwanese counterparts about this.

Perhaps Taiwan shouldn't let him leave until Taiwan is accepted as a member :)

Sun Bin said...

perhaps that is what he wants! :D

Anonymous said...

Clyde Said:

It never ends because there is no policy, there is no plan. Everyone Mainlander must simply prove that they can block Taiwan as much as the next government agency! A goal, an objective? No need. Taiwan is the boogeyman.