Monday, November 21, 2005

Bush Told to Tell China to Remove Missiles Threatening Taiwan

Spacewar reports that Our Dear Leader has been asked to tell the Chinese to get rid of the missiles that threaten Taiwan.

US President George W. Bush should ask Chinese President Hu Jintao during talks this weekend to remove the more than 700 missiles aimed at Taiwan, a group of Taiwanese-American groups said.

In a letter sent to Bush, the 15 groups said the missiles targeting the island "produce a coercive rather than conducive environment for the exercise of democracy.

"These missiles also gravely threaten the status quo that you have been so eager to preserve," according to a copy of the letter made public Friday.

I hope they get mentioned. Another good idea that I have often called for is for someone with clout to show up here and clout the pro-China parties over their authoritarian heads, and the article reports that two Congressman apparently have similar ideas:

In 2001, the United States proposed selling Taiwan an arms package to further the island's defense capabilities, but Taiwan's opposition parties have blocked consideration of the package despite China's military buildup.

"A personal visit to Taiwan to meet with President Chen (Shui-bian) and call for an up or down vote in the Legislative Yuan on the arms sale would help to underscore the importance of the package to Taiwan's future, and our commitment to a free, democratic, and strong Taiwan," the legislators said.

It's not difficult to get Taiwan right, and propose the right course of action. Too bad we won't see it.

Speaking of missiles, MeiZhongTai has a fabulous review of the missile issue that I hope to discuss in more detail. Don't miss it!

These missiles often come up in conversations about China employing force upon Taiwan. It is worth taking the time to do the math and figure out what exactly 700 missiles (plus or minus) could accomplish.

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