Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Why the US is part of the problem with the Arms Purchase

The Standard reprinted an article that appeared a few days ago in Asia Times. At least this one identifies the surface of the problem.

Said Ross: "In the last year, the special budget has been submitted and rejected 28 times in the procedural committee. This means that it hasn't even made it to the defense committee for consideration - 28 times, rejected out of hand, no debate and no opportunity for real compromise, just plain rejected.

"Instead, the special budget has become a political football. Its destiny was to be kicked and head-butted as the center attraction in the field of Taiwan domestic politics, as the centerpiece of a near five-year game of bait-and- switch. In fact, the neutral observer could draw the conclusion that this battered ball has been kept in play more to entertain the politicians than to serve the needs of Taiwan.

No, Mr. Ross, any nuetral observer, seeing the DPP trying to pass this, and the KMT opposing it, could not possibly come to that conclusion. CLUE: A procedural vote indicates a particular party using its clout. One, and only one party is to blame here. If the DPP controlled the legislature, this discussion would not be taking place. But US officials remain at the helm of USS Clueless, adrift in space, getting mad at "Taiwan", and rewarding the pro-China parties for their strategy of blocking the package to (1) embarrass the island and (2) split the US from the DPP. Each time a US official complains, they confirm that this plan is working to perfection, and provide further stimulus for it. Thanks, guys!

The US needs a progressing, growing Taiwan, and the pro-China parties are preventing that. Someone needs to come over here and take heads. Simple as that. Until the US grows up and realizes it, they will simply be encouraging the pro-China parties to continue their obstructionist activity.


Budding Sinologist said...

Right on. I couldn't agree more.

Taiwan's Other Side said...

"The US needs a progressing, growing Taiwan, "

Why exactly does the US need a happy and strong Taiwan? Who told you that, CSB?

The US will look out for its own interests first, just like any other nation, and the've prety much sold Taiwan out in nearly every way they can. 'Come over here and take heads' indeed. No way someone else is going to come over and solve a mess the DPP created in the first place by marginalizing the opposition.

Anonymous said...

"marginalizing the opposition"


*wipes eyes*

Oh my.....that's rich.