Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Taiwan Goes Wifi Wild

All over the blogs today is this news report from PC World that Intel and Taiwan are teaming up to make the whole island wireless accessible by 2007.

Taiwanese government officials said on Monday they plan to make Taiwan the world's largest testing ground for WiMax, and inked a pact with Intel to work together on the wireless broadband technology.

The government will provide around $209 million in funding for the initiative, in addition to spectrum allocation and other assistance, while Intel is expected to pitch in its technical resources. Next year, the government will provide an additional $32.8 million in research funds specifically for WiMax, a separate budget from the above figure, said Minister of State Lin Ferng-ching.


Jason said...

Damn you Turton! You beat me to this by, like, 5 minutes!

Michael Turton said...

Sorry! You know I try to avoid overlapping with you!


Michelin L.W.Y said...

I can't even get my wifi to work properly at home. Now wimax?