Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Taichung has.....Attractions?

TaiwanFun has a pointer to the local Taichung mag COMPASS, which has a list of 16 things to do in Taichung...the list entitled The Beauty of Taichung's Ancient Temples takes you to...well, you'll have to see for yourself. But there's something very appropriate in its ironic error.


Jason said...

I propose National Geographic fund a study on the number of coffeehouses in Taiwan, and their average lifespan before the owners cut and run.

There was one coffeeshop on 文心路三段 in Taichung called the Circle Cafe (I remember the name because its sign prominantly featured boobies) that closed down overnight, everything stipped out of it down to the floor tiles. The owner had obviously had enough and skipped town. He must have also been in debt to local gangs because a day after he closed the store, someone spraypainted the words "全家死光" ("Your whole family is dead") on the front of the building.

So is the dangerous life of a cafe owner.

Clark said...

Hsinchu tries to promote it's attractions fairly heavily as well, one of which is a highway. It's a nice highway but something tells me it's not going to draw significant numbers of Japanese tourists.