Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A dog's life: good

Pet owners in Taiwan are treating their animals more lavishly.....

Tsai works for a large pet company which has three stores in Taipei offering a wide variety of pet supplies and accessories as well as grooming, spa and hotel services.

The company's newest store Doggy House Tienmu opened earlier this month in the capital's upscale Tienmu area and touts pet products from Japan, the United States, France, Germany and Finland as well as a beauty room equipped with a jacuzzi.

Its brightly lit sales area displays pet food, clothes and accessories on wooden shelves and jewellery in glass cases, creating the ambience of a boutique. An in-store cafe also provides pet owners a place to relax with their four-legged loved ones after shopping.
Wow! Nice life!

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Anonymous said...

sadly this treatment is limited to a number of breeds and street dogs still generally receive no care or respect from the majority of the population. poisoning animals as a way of getting rid of what is seen as a nuisance is still very common.