Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sunblocks questioned

I'm sun-sensitive, and if I am out and about for any period of time, always use sunblock. Yesterday the local Consumer's Foundation reported on sunblock sold locally:

Many of the sunscreens tested claimed they could block out both long wave UVA rays, which penetrate the under layers of the skin and contribute to skin aging, and medium wave UVB rays that produce sunburn and can cause cancer as well as weakening the immune system.

But three brands - SK-II whitening block, Anessa's hair protection sun block cream and Cellina's waterproof sun screen lotion - while effective in blocking out UVB rays, were weaker in blocking out UVA rays, contrary to the claims made on their labels.

The Consumers' Foundation survey also found that two products in the survey - Cellina's waterproof lotion and SEA & SKI sunscreen for children - contained benzophenone, a chemical believed to be particularly irritating to the skin. A number of other products included organic solvents and acids alkalis that also could harm sensitive skin, including Anessa's cream and Chic Choc UV sunscreen.

Fortunately we've always used a quality sunblock.

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