Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Dan-dan Goes to Fourth Grade

My daughter entered fourth grade [insert obligatory "It seems like only yesterday...." remark here]. The new class is in the same old school, but with a new teacher. "I wish I was a dog," wailed my daughter. "They don't have to go to school." In fairness, I don't blame her. There are tons of homework, the textbooks are often poorly written, erroneous, contradictory, and misleading, and the school building is old.

Sheridan's school.

Her class does have another half-n-half like her, though. And everyone likes her very much. Once she actually gets to school, she seems to enjoy it.

Students busy cleaning.

The students have to clean the schools at all levels, from elementary through college. This keeps costs down for everyone. Cleaning detail is often given as punishment.

Mom comforts Sheridan as she faces her classroom on the first day.

Fourth grade means going the whole day, but I'm hoping we can only get her to go a half day, so we can homeschool her in English as well.

The view toward Tanzi town (in distance) over the rooftops of the local homes.

Breakfast for students from 7-11.


McMouse said...

Oh, I hope she has a great year!:)

(What IS that food in the bucket??? )

Anonymous said...

I wish I was a dog, too!

Anonymous said...

I wish I was a dog, too!

Tim Maddog said...

Me, too. Oh, wait!

Anonymous said...

mcmouse: it's oden. fish paste cakes. quite tasty (though not the ones from 7/11).