Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Ghostwriters Threaten University System

Some publicity on a long-running problem. There are just so many ways to cheat.
During a press conference held to raise awareness about ghostwriting, Huang and three other DPP legislators, including Cheng Yun-peng (鄭運鵬), Eva Hsieh (謝欣霓) and Winston Dang (陳重信), invited a graduate student and ministry officials to talk about the problem.

A search of college Bulletin Board System sites displayed at the press conference showed that information about thesis ghostwriting services or ghostwriter advertisements were easy to come by on the Internet.
I've had inquiries about this myself. But I couldn't compete even if I wanted to...some of these services charge as little as $70K.


Anonymous said...

Clyde Said:

This is the main reason the SSCI emphasis is SO important. With such limited acceptance rates, and high standards, who would ghost write? Or if they did, at least the charge would more in line with reality!

Anonymous said...

can someone explain the Chinese term for ghost writers? I heard it is something like GUN HAND, "chann so."? is that correct. can you write it in CHinese to see the characters here? And why the GUN HAND for ghost writer?

Anonymous said...

i heard from my students today that this is very very rare among most grad students in Taiwan, but the people who do it are working day jobs in the govt or legislature and they take grad classes for higher degrees at night and they dont have the time or interest to write the papers themsevles, and they got money, so they use the money to get their papers ghostwritten. So the Tauipei TImes story might have been horseshit. call the reporter and check it out.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Clyde.

I don't think the Taipei Times story is horseshit, anon, as I have had requests myself.

rmdazwdv said...

There is also lots of plagiarism, what is interesting is that its very obvious when a paper is far and away better than the English university students (English majors to boot) are capable of (after studying English for 15 or 18 years) and then a quick search on Google catches them red handed. You get this every class don't you Professor Turton?

Michael Turton said...

Hell yes. I don't understand why they think I won't catch them.

Anonymous said...

Clyde Said:

The reason Michael is, ummm the last ten teachers DIDN't catch them!!!


Anonymous said...

The translation was wrong.

CHann So means "spear hand" which means someone else took the exam for you, or someone else wrote the paper for you, but in English "a ghostwriter" is someone who writes a book or a paper for someone else, up front, and paid for it, and it's kosher. Ethical.

These spear hand papers are unethical and not up front. they are cheating, lying, thieving, sons of.....

CHANN SO has an interesting backstory. Long ago, in CHina, there were armies. and these armies got money from the central govt in Beijing for their lists of soldiers, but many on these lists did not even exist, but the rural areas would get the money by claiming they had so many soldiers in their units. When the central gov came to inspect once a year, the locals would hire private people to ''stand in'' for the non-existant soldiers and therefore prove to the central gov people that they really had a big army, and these people were carrying "spears" to look like soldiers, so the term "spear hand" or "carrying a spear in the hand" came to mean "somone who stands in for someone in a test or writes a paper for them." GHOSTWRITER is the wrong term, dear Taipei Times translators. You should have said "unethical spear carriers write papers for college students" but not ghostwriters. Wrong word.

How come I have to answer my own questions here?